Five Reasons Clients Choose Me

ONE:  I have experience as both a writer and editor. As a writer, I sold four short stories before receiving my first rejection.  To date, I have only had two pieces rejected, and they were published elsewhere.

TWO:  I worked as a corporate administrative assistant for over 30 years, so unlike many other writers I have a clear idea of how the corporate environment works. I understand “just in time” delivery, and why “good enough” is often better than perfect.

THREE:  I work well collaboratively, either as a team leader or a team member. I have been a member of many teams, including one for American Express where I helped helped design, coordinate, and present a 3-day global workshop for the entire Human Resources department.

FOUR:  I firmly believe in not surprising my clients. If a problem should come up, I will notify you as promptly as possible, and I will usually have several suggestions for dealing with it ready for you to consider. This will save you hours of recrimination, and free you to find the most appropriate solution.

FIVE:  I am capable of fulfilling your assignment without having to bother you over every niggling detail.