A Few Words about Me

I am a multi-talented web content provider, writer, editor, and organizer. My specialty is creating and providing powerful content that engages the reader as it delivers your message.

My key strengths are dependability, flexibility, creative thinking, cutting to the meat of a project, and the absolute beliefs that:

  • Your online presence is the first impression of you a prospective client or customer has, and
  • The Client’s way is the way the project should be done.

With over eleven years of writing experience; over twenty years of experience in the corporate sector, primarily in real estate and financial services; and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management; I am uniquely aware of both the creative and business aspects of writing and editing, and have an in-depth understanding of how to meld the creative aspects of writing with the realities of corporate deadlines and policies. Additionally, I have been writing short stories since 1992, and sold four short stories to science fiction anthologies before receiving my first rejection.

I started writing at age 8, when I got an idea for a story (about a magic thermos), and have written ever since. In fifth grade, I wrote a play for my class that was performed not just at assembly, but at a school-wide function. I have created online workshops in journal-keeping for writers (and others), world-building for fantasy writers, and “showing” vs. “telling” in fiction.